How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Your big day is about sharing a moment of pure joy with those you love the most.

Picking your dress will be an unforgettable experience. Your best friends will be there by your side watching and helping you. When it comes to the moment you walk down the aisle, they will be there, admiring you with pride.

They help make your bridalwear into something more special, because of the shared thrill of finding it together.

A dress is never just that, either; it’s full of emotion, moments and memories.

Picking the perfect bridesmaid dresses will enhance the bond between you and your closest friends. While looking at you, they will feel the importance of the day and the confidence that comes with wearing something beautiful. Share the day with them by choosing designs they will love. Let our team help you find the most stunning options for you and your bridal party.

Modern Matching 

Traditionally, bridesmaids have always worn the exact same thing. This can create a beautiful sense of theme. However, now a lot of people are adopting a more subtle match over an exact one. Your bridesmaids may feel more comfortable this way. By choosing a colour, fabric or style, it allows for more individual interpretation rather than being perfectly in sync.

We offer designs and sets that will create a flowing look between your beautiful bridesmaids that will enhance their unique beauty while making them look united as a group. 

Not Just One Wear 

Wearing the dress on the day will be the most special experience for your bridesmaids. Wearing it again will be a silver lining. Our designs are known for their quality and craftsmanship. We make pieces that can be worn for years to come. They don’t need to be worn just once; your bridesmaids will get a lifetime of wear out of them. Choosing Anthea Crawford will be an investment, not just a moment. The memories will last forever, and so will the dress.

Timeless Over Trends 

Your wedding will be something you and your loved ones will want to look back on forever. Opting for elegance over fads will assure you look back on the images with delight (and relief!).

Dateless designs are a cornerstone of the Anthea Crawford aesthetic. We create pieces that transcend trends. By choosing our pieces, you will be choosing timeless style.

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