Celebrating 45 Years of Anthea Crawford

Anthea found her eponymous label as a creative outlet and soon became an institution of style for Australian women.

We are so proud to have been a part of your wardrobes and lives for 45 years and look forward to being there for your future magical moments and everyday achievements…

Anthea Crawford- The 80s

After much hard work, in the 1980s, Anthea Crawford became a household name. Her eponymous brand was now the go-to for feminine frocks. The growing business now employed 25 people, and became a major contributor to the Australian Manufacturing Industry.

Anthea enjoyed industry accolades and endorsements, but it was her customer’s love for her creations that really excited her.

“It gives me satisfaction to see my garments selling at retail and seeing them worn - not just seeing them in magazines.” Anthea Crawford, 1984, THE AGE

Anthea found joy creating pieces that made women feel like their best selves, an ethos that still inspires her today.

Anthea Crawford- The 90s

In the 1990s, as Anthea’s business grew, so did the need for a new category of womenswear. Women were now entering and conquering all aspects of the corporate world, and needed style to match their success. As a businesswoman herself, Anthea was ready to provide them with their new power pieces. Although suiting already existed for women, it was not yet perfected. Anthea’s industry experience and manufacturing connections allowed her to create beautifully constructed clothes that fit and flattered women, all while looking the professional part. Anthea Crawford was now dressing women for all aspects of their lives. From the workplace to the wedding, she is there for all your most important achievements and occasions.

Anthea Crawford- NOW
Our latest collection is a celebration of the modern Australian woman.

We know she needs to feel amazing, from the moment she slips her clothes on. At Anthea Crawford, we put the extra work into our pieces, so wearing them is effortless for you. Creating beautiful clothes is just part of our story…

We are proud to have reached this exciting milestone, and thank you for being there with us.

Whether you are new to the brand, or have been here from the start, you are a part of the AC Family. Celebrate Australian fashion in Australia Crawford - made to be worn with joy.


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