Ethical Fabrics...What They Mean To Us?

Ethical Fabrics...What They Mean To Us?


Ethical Fabrics...What They Mean To Us?

I’m sure you’ve seen many brands move towards making more ethical choices. We are striving forward to become a part of this movement.

When designing our creations, we have changed our way of thinking.

It’s a new way of thinking, but for us, it’s become the new normal.

We now ask ourselves - can we make this piece more ethical? What can we do to make that happen?

One of the answers is:


We are now using Recycled Jersey and Tencel. Now, let’s be transparent about what those fabrics actually are...


Tencel is a fibre made from cellulose found in wood pulp from eucalyptus trees. 

This process does not use harmful chemicals, which are toxic to the workers and environment.

Eco Jersey

Eco Jersey contains 57% of a yarn called Regen.

Regen is made from recycled bottles, and is an environmentally friendly product by remarkably reducing carbon dioxide emission and landfill waste, while conserving petroleum resources.

We are also creatively re-purposing fabrics already in stock where possible. This means we are not contributing to creating new fibres unnecessarily.

You will find that the introduction of these fabrics will result in the same, luxurious feel as the ones we have used in the past - but with the addition of being a better choice for our environment.

At first, changing our process took some research and getting used to. Now it feels natural and essential.

We are now seeking out fabrics and techniques that will actively reduced our garments’ eco footprint.

We are so proud of this process and look forward to incorporating more ethical choices in our practices.

It feels great to know we are reducing our impact while creating something beautiful.

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