The Melbourne Silk Scarf is Here

The Melbourne Silk Scarf is a tribute to the city that has been our creative home for the last 45 years. Crafted from 100% silk, this vibrant, must-have accessory features iconic destinations in bold, and joyful colors and the exclusively developed artwork is a celebration of all things Melbourne.


The design was created in Melbourne, and the details were perfected in our studio in Abbotsford. It was made to tie into our current collection, and become a timeless piece in your wardrobe. This piece will add a splash of colour to any outfit in a moment. Simply slip it on and make an instant style statement.


 Celebrating 45 Years

We are proud to have reached this
exciting milestone, and thank you for being here with us.
Whether you are new to the brand,
or have been here from the start, you are a part of the AC Family.
The Melbourne Silk Scarf
Celebrate Australian fashion with our exclusive Melbourne Silk Scarf,
made to be worn with joy. 
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