Our Ethical Process

Our Ethical ProcessWe strive to celebrate the beauty and work behind Australian design and construction. It’s an industry we are honoured to be a part of for over forty years. Here is our ethical process...
Supporting Local Industries
Anthea Crawford is committed to making, shooting and designing luxurious pieces in our home country. Helping sustain an industry while producing garments of the highest quality is our commitment to Australia.
We support Australian craftsmanship. We support Australian creatively. We believe it’s an essential part of the fabric of our brand.
Artisan Made
We take pride in the process. Anthea Crawford is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. Creating beautiful clothes is just part of our story.
Each piece is designed with consideration in our Melbourne studio. It’s a refreshing environment to work in, full of natural light and inspiration.
Our designs are all beautifully crafted locally, many by small, family run Melbourne Makers. We have worked with many of them for years and see them as a part of our Anthea Crawford family.
Elegance made ethically. Designed and Made in Australia.
Timeless Designs
Sustainability is an important part of our brand. We have started working with recycled Jersey and swapped to fabrics that use less water to produce. It’s choices like this that result in a more conscious collection.
Our garments are made in limited quantities so we can finesse the details and produce something that does not last a few wears, or even a few seasons - but will last a lifetime. 
We don’t make fast fashion,
we make forever fashion.
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